Cilantro Verde

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Cilantro Verde brings the taste of fresh cilantro with the smoky heat of Morita pepper. Poblano pepper, tamarind, and honey round out the profile of this exciting sauce. This is a unique new flavor sure to make your taste buds sing. From tacos to Thai, this will be your new go to sauce. Award-winning, this hot sauce is low sodium and gluten-free and supporting animal shelters with every bottle sold!

Customer Reviews

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Courtney J
My husband said this is his favorite!

My husband has an intense love affair with hot sauces, so I grabbed him some for a gift this year. He's had Pup + the Pepper sauces before, but never Cilantro Lime. He's now officially obsessed. LOVES this flavor the most out of the other three he's had. You've got a big fan for life!

Tim Sewell
Perfect for tacos!

I’ve had this on chicken and beef tacos multiple times since getting it. 10/10 recommend.

Great on everything!

I love the Cilantro Verde sauce so much I keep a bottle both in the fridge at home and at work.
I love it on everything from eggs and breakfast burritos to shrimp tacos and even pasta, fish and salad. Just a perfect balance of flavor.